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A Guide to Pick the Best Tiles for Your Home

Homeowners carefully think about the sort of tile that will best suit their home, what size and floor tiles to pick, and if the design will do their present decorations. It is essential to think about these standard considerations while choosing the correct type and style of tiles. When you first visit a showroom to shop for tiling, it is better not to decide only based on your first impression of the choices. Use our blog as a guide and choose the ones which give you the best deals and quality.

Picture the Room or Segment That Needs to Be Tiled

When looking for floor tiles, the crucial thought is how much traffic the zone is subjected to. You can think of these questions before planning to purchase these tiles:

Will these tiles be installed on the flooring or walls? 

Is it a high-traffic area? 

Is the area inside or outside, and will it be subjected to moisture?

Regarding porcelain tiles, there are no confinements while choosing tiles as floor tiles can likewise be utilized on walls.

Choose the Correct Kind of Tile

Best Tiles for Your Home


The next stage is to pick the kind of tiles you want to install. There will be several unique tiles for you to browse from the showroom’s catalog, so don’t be afraid of browsing well.

When in doubt, choose vitrified tiles as they are the toughest and most grounded tiles accessible and are known for their unrivaled stain resistance and strength.

Calculate the Number of Tiles Needed

Now that you have picked the k of tile you’d like to floor or wall your home or office, the last thing to decide upon is calculating the number of tiles required. The more accurately you measure your surface area, the more precise your cost estimation shall be.

Don’t forget to incorporate regions that may be hidden, such as the area under the kitchen cabinets and wardrobes. Also, subtract the entryways and windows from the aggregate sum while computing the walled area. Keep stock of additional tiles in case of tile damage.

The Instruments and Supplies

Best Tiles for Your Home


List the tools and supplies that needed to complete tiling, including cement and grout, as per the required color.

Research the groundwork structure, cement, grout, and added materials, especially if it’s a wet or outdoor area since the wrong materials can make the establishment fizzle.

Think of the Maintenance Time and Effort

Best Tiles for Your Home


For areas that will receive the maximum amount of traffic, it’s vital to choose tiling options that would be simple to clean so that your tiles look great even 20 years later and serve your home for a long time in the future.

Easy cleaning tiles will be convenient to maintain because these tiles won’t get discolored due to the influence of elements. This recommendation applies to all regions of your house, especially your kitchen and other shared living areas like the drawing-room and dining room. Look for tiles that are not scratched and cracked easily due to high traffic.


Buying tiles is one factor but getting them delivered to your home safely without any damage is an anxiety-inducing task. Since you would purchase tiles as per the calculated area plus a few buffers for accidental damage while installation, you can’t afford the risk of not insuring them. In the case of rare tiling designs, some series sometimes go out of stock for months.

Always enquire about your delivery options with your supplier to ensure that you’re backed by insurance support during transportation. It doesn’t end happily when your tiles arrive on-site, and a lot of them are broken. Make sure to order a 10% buffer stock of the tiles you bought since the specific tile collection could be discontinued in the future, and you would struggle to match them if they get damaged over time.


If you want to bypass the choice paradox, plan a budget and floor tiles design plan for your house in mind so that when you visit the showroom, you know what kind of tiles to select.

It’s essential to pick a tile that can stand your household’s daily wear and tear. Make a point to choose tiles that are mainly designed for specific areas.

Once you’ve made sense of the coordination, whatever is left of the criteria mentioned above will become easier. Check out your vendor’s tiling portfolio to understand which tile will suit your house in the best way possible.




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