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Say Goodbye To Germs With These Best Steam Cleaners

There’s no doubt that there’s an increase in demand for the best steam cleaner. With such a worst outbreak of coronavirus in the world, cleanliness is important. There are around 110,000 cases of nCOV around the world. The virus of the corona is not airborne. So it is necessary to keep the surfaces clean. 

There are a number of steam cleaners available in the market. And that is the problem. When you have various options to choose from, it’s common to get confused. You would like to have the best product, after all, you are paying the price for it and your sole purpose is to get the quality product. But how will you decide which one to get? On the basis of customer review? But in an era of high-level marketing skills do you think they are even true? 

There are certain things that you can’t deny. An original and genuine product will have credibility and customers will purchase them. There are many online platforms from where you can get the best steam cleaner like Amazon, eBay, etc. or you can also get it from physical stores. 

We are going to help with the product description and its review. Here in this blog, we have mentioned a few best steam cleaners that you can go for even with a blindfold on!

But before we start off, let us describe a few points to keep in mind while purchasing a steam cleaner. Always keep in mind, at what places you are going to use the cleaner.

  •  Accessories 

Always look for what extra accessories and attachments will be coming with it as it will help you to sanitize different places.

  • Size and Weight 

Size and weight will determine whether it is handy or not. And you should make sure to have enough room to store the cleaner.

  • Water Tank Size 

Why does it matter? Just like, steam iron needs water to heat up, the steam cleaner needs it too! The smaller the size, the lesser time it will take to heat up and vice-versa. Small tanks may hold you in the mid cleaning to fill up the water again, but larger tanks will allow you to work without any disturbance. 

  • Pressure and Temperature 

The purpose of the steam cleaner is to kill germs, deep clean, and sanitize the floor. And this is directly related to pressure and temperature. See, highest what temperature it can go to, and this will reflect the pressure it creates to clean the floor.

  • Noise Level 

Would you like to work with a noisy product? Imagine cleaning the room with a heavy sound ringing in your ears. Won’t that make you go crazy? So get the cleaner after referring to the noise level only.

  • Ease to Use

You are not doing a B.Tech project that needs to be difficult. While anyone is doing the household chores, definitely he/she won’t want to overwork their mind to understand the working of the product. There shouldn’t be anything like solving a mathematics problem using the steam cleaner. In short, what we want to tell you is to get the one which is easy to use.

  • Cost

We know something comes at a price, but still, while running a home, you need to set the budget. Always look for products that are cost-effective. You will find products that are pocket-friendly in terms of the direct cost, but the indirect cost (electricity and water bills) can increase due to its low-quality raw fixtures. So getting a product that is bit priced but allows you to save energy and money is always good.

Now let’s take a step forward to the best steam cleaners that will sanitize your home properly and will deep clean the floor, carpet, tiles, and whatever you want. Pay close attention to the information provided and you will end up with the best product to buy for yourself.

1. KoolaMo Handheld Steam Cleaner

KoolaMo Handheld


Starting off with the handheld steam cleaner by KoolaMo. The cleaner is a powerpack multi-tasker, from sanitizing floors to cleaning the small spaces this one can do anything. Coming to the specifications, the cleaner comes with 9-piece accessories which include Measuring Cup, Funnel, Upholstery Tool, Towel Cloth, Jet Nozzle, Towel Sleeve, Bent Nozzle, Window Cleaning Tool, Round Nylon Brush, and 100cm Flexible Hose with Gun Nozzle.

The product is light weighted and takes up little space for storage. It has a high-pressure of 1050 Watts with a 12-ounce water capacity tank and it takes around 10 minutes to heat up. The product has a nine-inch power chord that will help you in reaching the hardest nook too! This multi-tasker steam cleaner is perfect for you to clean up half of the things, including fabrics!

There’s a unique child safety lock, so you don’t need to worry about your child getting hurt.It has a small water tank, you might need to stop in-between your work to fill up the water.
Easy to use.
The product is 100% natural, chemical-free, and with no harmful fumes. 

2. ThermaPro Steam Mop Cleaner

ThermaPro Mop


This one from PurSteam World’s Best Steamers is living up to its name. The features it has make it one of the best steam mop. Wanna know how? Let’s look at its specs, with a weight of 2.2 pounds the mop can clean hardwood & vinyl floors, cleans tiles and carpets too. It can also be used as a garment steamer, mirror, and glass cleaner as well. 

The product comes with the window squeeze, straight & bent nozzles, nylon brushes and mop cleaning pads. It heats up in 30 seconds and can kill up 99.99% of germs. Can. You. Believe. That! Like it’s so amazing, it can also be used as a handheld cleaner for cleaning windows, doors, and glasses. It has an 11.5Oz water reservoir and can last up to 20 to 25 minutes. This 10-in-1 ThermaPro cleaner will help you in sanitizing the house easily and quickly.

The product comes with a two-year warranty.It comes in white color, so the chances of it getting dirty also increases.
Easy to use.Should be kept out of the reach of children.
It can clean off the dirt without the usage of detergent, i.e., with tap water.

3. Multipurpose Steam Mop Cleaner

Multipurpose Mop


Tired of carrying your mop from here to there with much effort? Let us help you a little. Okay! Not in lifting the cleaner but to make your work easy. Here we are talking about SIMBR’s multi-purpose steam mop which comes with 18 different accessories that will help you in cleaning windows, carpet, and floor.

The steam cleaner has a water capacity of 1.5 liters and has a temperature that reaches up to 275 °F. It takes around 8 minutes to heat up and will last upto 45 minutes. So you can clean up the room without stopping to reheat the cleaner. It has an optional lockable steam trigger which allows heat to pass without keeping pressed the steam button. Just turn the steam lock to the right and it’s done!

Comes with an extra-long power cord to clean even hard to reach places.Bit expensive.
It has a temperature and power control system which makes it safe to use.
It comes with rolling wheels so that you can carry it easily anywhere.

4. Lift-Away Pro Steam Pocket Mop

Lift-Away Pro Steam Pocket Mop


The name itself suggests that it is a portable mop. You clean floors as well as above the floor areas with this one. The traditional steam cleaner can be converted into a handheld cleaner and garment steamer too. It comes with 500ml water capacity and 22 feet of cord.

This mop can even clean the hardest stains on the floor. It has three electronic levels and a dirt grip pad. It has steam blasters that blast the germs and dirt in an effective manner. The cleaner has touch-free technology which helps to attach and release the pad without a touch. With this mop, the task that used to take half of your day will now take just 30 minutes. (According to a review.)

It can be detached for the above floor cleaning.Over pricey than other products, when we consider all the features.
It has a touch-free technology that makes the work easy.
It is a pocket-sized product that can be carried easily.

5. PowerFresh Steam Mop

PowerFresh Mop


Get digitized even while choosing the steam cleaner! The steam cleaner by the most trusted and preferred company, BISSELL. This handy mop will help you in removing those tough and stubborn sticky stains too, with its steam technology. It claims to kill 99.9% of germs without using any chemical or chemically treated product.

When you buy a product you are only protecting your family members from germs, you are also contributing to saving a pet’s life. How? The company donated 10 Dollars to save pets on every purchase. Apart from that, the product here we are talking about has a microfiber soft pad, scrubby pad, a carpet glider, and spring breeze fragrance discs (which will freshen up your room with sweet fragrance).

It has a digital steam controller. You can control the level of your steam with it.Single-purpose steam cleaner only. You can only clean floors and tiles.
Comes with a power capacity of 1500 watts.
Can clean any type of hard floor.

6. Handheld Steam Cleaner

Handheld Steam Cleaner


This product is a perfect example of a small packet with a big bang. The product has a pressure of 1000 watts and heats within 3 to 4 minutes. It comes with a 12-ounce water capacity tank and continuous steam can last upto 15 minutes. This small handheld steam cleaner can rub off any mold, grease, grout or stain with such high pressure.

It comes with a 9.8-foot cord to help you with cleaning both indoors and outdoors. And also a nine-piece accessories kit that has a wide range of cleaning brushes and nozzles. You can use it to clean your stove, window, carpet, floor, and even places that you haven’t cleaned for years. (As it was hard-to-reach, nothing else!)

It has no harmful fumes or residue that can be harmful to your children or pet.It has a small water tank so you will need to stop for the refill.
Super easy to use.
Can clean any nook of the house.

Let’s Get Steam Cleaning Smoothly:

So these were the best cleaners that you can get to make your home germ-free and dirt-free, naturally and without much effort. Some are a bit pricey and some are pocket-friendly, but the thing that is common is the capacity of cleaning. So what are you still waiting for? Place the order and impress the folks! 

For more information on products that can help you in maintaining the place, visit Housedecorationtip.



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