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best hardwood floor vacuum

How To Select Hardwood Floor Vacuum For The Scratch-Free Area?

Hardwood floor is the best thing to have at home. It fills many purposes from being durable to give a beautiful and elegant outlook. No doubt the hardwood floor lasts longer but it equally requires the care and maintenance. You will need to refurbish it in the duration of a few months, which will require you a vacuum.

You will be like, “What’s the big deal?” My friend there is, you are searching for a vacuum cleaner for hardwood for a reason. There are chances, the handyman told you to go for one or you know cleaning the hardwood floor needs extra attention.

Hardwood floor vacuum is specially designed to have a scratch-free and new-like floor. When rollers are accepted by the owners for the carpet cleaning, for hardwood floors you will have to ditch it. There is a lot of difference in normal vacuum cleaners and the ones for hardwood floors.

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind before buying a hardwood floor vacuum in the year 2020. Let’s learn about the features of it. Take heed!

What are the Features to Look at While Buying Hardwood Floor Vacuum?

best hardwood floor vacuum

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Soft Bristles (without roller)

As told, most vacuum cleaners come with a roller and thick bristles, but they are good for carpet cleaning not a wooden floor. The wooden floor requires a soft bristle brush without a roller. A roller can cause serious harm to the floor. It can result in scratches (you don’t want that, right?).


The vacuum for wooden floors will (or should) have a powerful suction power, so that it can pull all the stubborn dirt even from the cracks or spaces between the boards. It should be able to suck up pet hair as well as sand.


Why is a weight on the list? A heavy-weight vacuum will make you pull it back and forth, which will ultimately scratch the floor. And. We. Don’t. Want. That. Right? So always select the light-weighted one that you can carry from one place to another easily.

best hardwood floor vacuum

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How does it affect the cleaning process? Vacuums with soft or rubber wheels will prevent scratches and dent on the floor. Avoid plastic and metal wheels.


This one will be based on which type of vacuum you are going for, corded or uncorded? If you are going for the later one, check the battery power but if the corded one is your choice don’t worry about the power (just look at the length of the cord).

So these were the features to look at while buying a vacuum for wooden or hardwood floors. Now we will move towards the type of vacuums we have for the hardwood floors. 

Which are the types of Hardwood Floor Vacuums?

best hardwood floor vacuum

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Basically there are four types of vacuums that you will find when looking for the wooden floor vacuums. 

Handheld Vacuum

The handheld vacuum does justice to its name, you can carry it anywhere you like, from the bedroom to kitchen and veranda. It operates on battery and has low suction power. You won’t find any extensions or attachments (in most of them). They are not ideal for floors but you can get them for cleaning cupboards or small areas.

Stick Vacuum

If you are looking for a vacuum to clean your small room without much hassle, this one is your type. These are not ideal for heavy-duty cleaning but will work just right for hardwood floor cleaning.

best hardwood floor vacuum

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Upright Vacuum

The ideal one for the home with a larger area, the upright vacuum is built in one piece with heavy suction power, external attachments, and more features added. It is taller and a bit heavier, remember not all upright vacuums are made for hardwood floor cleaning.

Canister Vacuum

The most perfect vacuum cleaner for hardwood floor cleaning. Canister vacuum comes with a powerful sucking head and interchangeable attachments. With its suction power, you can get the stubborn pet hair and dust out of the floor. It is easy to work with while moving it from here to there.

The next step we will take is towards the products. Here in this section, you will read about the best vacuum for hardwood floors.

Best Hardwood Floor Vacuum in 2020


best hardwood floor vacuum

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Specially designed to clean all the furry hair your pet leaves on the ground. Bissell’s PowerEdge vacuum has a v-foot design which helps in getting the dirt out of corners as well as beneath the furniture. 

This hardwood floor vacuum is also suitable for rugs. It has an easy-to-empty bagless cleaning container and a swivel steering for smooth movement. You can easily carry it around the home (lightweight and versatile).

Type of Vacuum Stick Vacuum
Bristles Rubber squeegees
Suction Power Yes
Weight 7.5 Pounds
Wheels Soft Rubber
Power Corded Electric


best hardwood floor vacuum

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A cordless vacuum for hardwood floors to have an easy cleaning process even in the veranda (where you might not have an electric panel). The Dyson’s Cyclone V10 has a design specifically planned for hardwood floors. It comes with extra tools for home and car cleaning.

The soft bristles and high suction power, pick all the dust and leaves the scratch-free floor to adore. It has a separate motor-driven beater bar for the carpet and deep cleaning. All in all, it is good for the floors but it is a bit challenging to use (according to the customers’ review).

Type of Vacuum Stick Vacuum
Bristles Soft roller heads
Suction Power Yes (with 3 different modes)
Weight 5.05 Pounds
Wheels No wheels
Power Cordless (runs upto 60-minutes)


best hardwood floor vacuum

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The 21st-century product, Amarey’s A800 robot vacuum makes cleaning enjoyable. All you have to do is start it and leave it on the floor. It will do its work, collect all the dirt (including pet hair) and will secure it properly as it has an anti-spill dustbin.

You don’t need to worry about its charging, it will self charge itself. The robot vacuum is studded with 360-degree anti-collide and anti-drop mechanism which will make you less worried. It comes with 4 different modes –  automatic, spot, max vacuuming, and edge cleaning. You can even set the schedule for cleaning, it will do on its own when you are out.

The thin design of the vacuum makes it easier to clean the space under the sofas and furniture. It works on tiles, hardwood, and even carpet. Get this and you can sleep soundly when the vacuum is doing its work!

Type of Vacuum Robot Vacuum
Bristles Soft bristles (in-built)
Suction Power Yes (high)
Weight 5.5 Pounds
Wheels No wheels
Power Self-chargeable


best hardwood floor vacuum

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Make your home allergen-free with Miele’s C2 canister vacuum cleaner. The smooth-rolling wheels suck up the dander, dust, and allergens easily and pack it in a Parquet XL floor attachment. The allergens are treated inside the Airclean dust bag and disposing of it is also hassle-free.

It is known for its high suction power and shining bare floors after the vacuum. You can store the extra attachments in its onboard compartment. The head is versatile enough to work on hardwood floors as well as rugs and low-pile carpets. Its ergonomic handle design makes it easy to carry and use.

Type of Vacuum Canister Vacuum
Bristles Soft parquet brush
Suction Power Yes (6-stage rotary selector)
Weight 19.5 Pounds
Wheels Castor wheels
Power Corded


Shark Navigator Lift-Away Upright Stick Cordless Bagless Vacuum

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This one is the best of all on the list, it can remove debris and give you a smooth hardwood floor. The shark’s navigator lift-away vacuum has a bagless design that offers seamless disposal. You can convert it into a canister vacuum when cleaning stairs.

The attractive characteristic of this vacuum is its body, weight, and suction power. Its lightweight body can be lifted and worked on the corner of the wall as well. It has the suction power to give a smooth and shiny hardwood floor but it is substantial to suck up the dust from rugs and carpet too.

Type of Vacuum Upright Vacuum
Bristles Brush roll (with on-off button) 
Suction Power Yes (high)
Weight 13.7 Pounds
Wheels No wheels
Power 10 amps

best hardwood floor vacuum

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Get a Perfect Hardwood Floor Vacuum for Your Home:

These were 5 best vacuums for hardwood floors, they will fill the purpose of cleaning bare floors as well as rugs and carpets. Some will need your attention to work while another let you have a peaceful sleep (with its no-sound technology). 

Here in this article, you read about the types of a vacuum cleaner and features to look at for buying a hardwood floor vacuum. Get this in mind, and search for the one you need! (To be honest, we liked the robot vacuum, it’s a bit pricey but worth it!)

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