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Best Decor Fireplace Ideas: Make Your Fireplace Ravishing

Want to make a fireplace look amazing? Then follow us. We are giving surprising fireplace decor ideas. Having a hearth inside your house is a dream come true. You can cuddle and warm up on cold winter nights. A fireplace adds a beautiful and appealing factor to your home. A hearth in a living room makes great family gatherings to spend quality time and build memories for a lifetime.

No matter whether you have a real wood fireplace or a modern fireplace, this place requires some attention. Don’t leave your fireplace looking boring, so this time, give your fireplace a new makeover with these awesome fireplace decor ideas. Here we gathered up ten decor ideas to decorate your fireplace mantels.

There are so many modern fireplace decor ideas to decorate your mantle. So here we are providing some decor ideas for a hearth to make it more pretty. 

Use Magical Mirror To Decorate Fireplace

If you want to add a statement element to your fireplace, then the mirror is a perfect choice. Select a mirror that reflects your personality and the overall style of the house.  A mirror will create a focal effect in the room, that will attract the eyes of your guests. Choose a unique shaped mirror like a hexagonal or triangle to add some structure and symmetry to your living room. 

fireplace mirror: Fireplace decor ideas


Neutral Tones

To make a fireplace an eye-catching spot, your mantle decorations need not be complicated. With a neutral color background, add some pops of gold and silver to make the place luxurious and glamorous. 

fireplace Neutral Tones: Fireplace decor ideas


Fireplace Decor Using Gallery Wall Art

Want to give a fresh look to your fireplace? Then provide a casual art gallery decor above the fireplace. Place some unique and fun art pieces on the mantle to give that classic and chic look. Select the artwork in the same or complementing colors of the fireplace decors

Fireplace Gallery Wall Art: Fireplace decor ideas


Beautiful Bud Vases

Showcase some flowers on the fireplace mantel. Buy some cute mini pitchers and place some fresh flowers in them. Your fireplace looks very adorable and cute. 

Beautiful Bud Vases: Fireplace decor ideas


Paint It Black Around Fireplace

To drop more attention to your fireplace, paint it dark black. The black color is the color of attraction, and it will look really good with the fireplace. But if you don’t want to make it overwhelming, then instead of painting the whole area black, use black paint as a highlighter color to make some patterns and designs on the fireplace. 

black patterned fireplace: Fireplace decor ideas


Ditch The Ordinary Look

Get over the traditional look of your fireplace and think something fresh and interesting. Splash the fun color elements on the fireplace mantle. As colors bring life to any place so, paint the hearth in bright colors like vibrant red and cheerful yellow.

cheerful yellow fireplace: Fireplace decor ideas


Stone Facade Fireplace Decor

Stone is a classic and timeless material, and people have been using it for years. Surround the hearth by small stones, covering the mantel and nearby areas. You can use any kind of hearthstones with uniforms or different sizes to give solid industrial vibes to your place.   

Stone Facade fireplace: Fireplace decor ideas


Fireplace Decor Using Classic Marble

Some people are obsessed with marble, that is because this stone comes in various colors and textures. They make your fireplace very classy, looking without spending much. Cover your fireplace with this beautiful stone and get a sophisticated and modern look. 

Classic Marble: Fireplace decor ideas


Modern Touch by Wood

We all use wood in our fireplace, Right.? But this time, bring out the woods from the fireplace to the outside by placing a wooden bar or beam above your fireplace and decorate the rest of the place with some scented candles.

Modern Touch by Wood: Fireplace decor ideas


Decorate Fireplace Using Hanging Art Pieces 

Add a surprising element above your fireplace like a hanging art piece. A beautiful chandelier also makes a place like heaven. You can also hang boho wall hangings to make the area feel cozier and comfy. Transform your heart to the heart of your house by getting inspiration from these ideas.

Hanging Art Pieces above fireplace: Fireplace decor ideas


Mantel is the place where you can seasonally change the decor, according to the festive seasons and parties. Choose decor according to the dimension of your mantel fireplace to enhance its beauty. The warmth and scent of the burning wood add a cozy feeling with a warm ambiance.

Change the decorations according to the seasons and holidays and get a different look at your fireplace.

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