/9+ Baseboard Styles To Know About For The Charming House Make-Over
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9+ Baseboard Styles To Know About For The Charming House Make-Over

When you are remodeling a house, distinctive styles are incorporated with each other to give a unique outlook to the place. When you use different styles, it is obvious that it will look multi-faceted, and to even out the structural elements in a sophisticated way baseboards are used. You should also incorporate them to even out the entire outlook. Now when you talk about baseboard styles, it’s not only the partition between the wall and the floor. It is the protective layer for the drywall paint and also enhances the interior of the house.

There are a number of baseboard styles, from simple to fancy. In many houses, you would have seen the wooden board running along the base, which is the baseboard. You can find them in wood, vinyl, PVC, or other constructing materials.

In this article, we have gathered different styles of baseboards and have given a few inspirations. Take heed!

Few Simple, Attractive, and Modern Baseboard Styles

Before we start off with baseboard molding styles, you need to know about choosing the right size of baseboard for your wall. 

“What, is it so? No one told me!” 

“Yeah, but now I am telling you!”

So if your wall is around 8-foot tall, keep the baseboard size between 3” to 5” however if it is more than that, i.e., around 10-foot or something, go for the one between 5” to 7”.

Simple and Plain Baseboard Style

baseboard styles

source: medium.com

When in doubt, always go with the simple and plain style. It will alleviate the entire look of the interior and you won’t have to think much about it. The plus point of this baseboard style is, it goes with every theme from minimalistic to royal, all you have to care about is the size and the color or material. So it is better to go with the MDF baseboard.

Vinyl Baseboards

baseboard styles

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Here you don’t have the option to paint, but you will get enough options in colors to go with. These are easy to install and protect both your wall and floor. 

Trimmed Baseboard Profile

baseboard styles

source: interiorsplace.com

As we said there are numerous profiles and shapes, you will get various types of trim. From royal to layered and from simple to complicated, you will get everything. These can be placed where the wall and ceiling meet, it will create a decorative look.

Farmhouse Style of Baseboard

 baseboard styles

source: ideaboz.com

The farmhouse style of baseboard is nothing but a combination of various trimmed and untrimmed designs. Make sure the one you are getting is colorable so that you can add more warmth to the ambiance. For a more appealing view, add wood as a primary material.

Rustic Baseboard Style

 baseboard styles

source: johnsoninteriordesign.com

Rustic style is in trend if you have followed the same you will be looking for something that can accentuate the theme. This one is perfect for your home. You might have opted for wooden floors, if that is the case baseboards should be of wood and paint walls in an earthen tone. This setting will pop up the rustic look of the house.

Rounded or Stepped Baseboard 

baseboard styles

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The most loved, recognized, and popular amongst the people is rounded or stepped baseboard. Why is it so? Due to its sophisticated design and modern approach. With its simplicity, you can even install a minimalistic outlook. Also, it is the most pocket-friendly baseboard trim you will find in the market. If you go for an oak finish it might cost you a little bit.

Wooden Baseboard Trim

baseboard styles

source: familyhandyman.com

For adding a high-end look to the house, nothing is a perfect match other than wooden baseboard trim. You won’t get many designs in this, but there are numerous options for the material. Of all, oak is the most popular baseboard trim. If you are looking for something that can match the existing molding through staining, this is the one!

Contrasting Color Baseboard Style

Contrasting Color

source: bobvila.com

This isn’t any material or design, rather it is an option that many people forget. Color contrasting is the most important point to consider when you have the trim that can be stained. Nowadays, the colored baseboard is the style. While you are doing these make sure it doesn’t blend with the shade of wall or floor. For instance, if the wall is of dark blue color go for the white baseboards.

Pine Baseboard Style


source: pinterest.com

If you want to stay low profile but durable, then go for a pine baseboard. It is an affordable softwood that makes an excellent choice for the trim. However, you will have to be cautious about the quality before you buy the pine molding. Check it thoroughly for warping and fractures, those will make it unstable. If you are going to paint the board, this will make the pocket-friendly option.

Sculpted Baseboard Molding


source: flexcofloors.com

Looking for adding a style punch to the look of the house, get your hands on the sculpted baseboard molding. The height of the trim will vary from 5“ to 8” and its thickness can go around 5/8”. This type of baseboard has various styles and designs, which makes it more distinctive and decorative. Whatever you select will enhance the style of the house, be it scallop or tapering towards the wall.

Recessed Baseboard

baseboard styles

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Another version of a rectangular base having its own minimal and modern look that is loved by many interior designers. It gives a clean look and adds a bit of labor work for both the worker and you. The recessed baseboard is aligned to the wall and makes it more functional.

Transitional or Traditional Baseboard Style

Transitional or Traditional

source: houzz.com

Never ever leave your traditions behind, we are talking about the styles. The traditional or transitional style is what gives the house a touch of a personal characteristic. The ogee on the top of the baseboard standing gracefully provides proportionate access to the accents of the house.

Remember a Few Things for Installing Baseboard:

There are few materials that you shouldn’t use for baseboards like, door casing, clamshell, and rubber. They are good for places like garages and closets but the places that are visually important, not a good choice. Check for the small details in the room before completing it. For more ideas on renovating, visit HouseDecorationTip