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Balboa Mist Benjamin Moore: Classic Color For Your Home

If you want a classic neutral color, your best bet should be on the balboa mist benjamin Moore as it ranks high on the designers’ list. In 2019, this color was on the trend, and most of the homeowners had this beautiful color on their walls. 

Many people prefer the balboa mist paint due to its inherently sophisticated and infinite versatility because of its practical features. When you choose this color for your house, it will help you to get a serene environment along with a color-enhancing\ accent for the dynamic spaces. 

This paint is a saving grace when you won’t bring out the rich woods in the house, whether it is for the cabinetry, flooring, or paneling. Much like the highlighting effect of bright, warm tones and white accents of this gray mist Benjamin Moore will play on similar wood features aspects, which will create cohesive space. This paint is a great choice as it will help you get the appropriate amount of drama and subtlety, which will help you enhance your house’s overall look.

Another great thing about bm gray mist is that you can utilize it to play up dark, refurbished wood kitchen cabinets or lift the mahogany flooring. If you have a bold accent wall in your house, then BM balboa mist is the best for opposing the bold accent wall. 

If you’re unsure if you want to add this color to your house walls, it is better that you go through this thorough post. We have put all of the information you will need to make a wise decision of choosing balboa mist Benjamin Moore for your house. 

What Color is Bm Gray Mist?

balboa mist benjamin moore


The top designers think of this color to be the neutral gray paint color. When you first glance at this color, you will see it looks like a light neutral greige paint color. It is a highly attractive and beautiful color that will make your walls look highly modern and attractive. You must know that it may look different on the catalog or in the small paint chip. When you paint it on your walls, there are chances that it may look different.

Many designers have seen all types of this color. Many of them saw it look like a near-neutral gray. At the same time, some people claim this pain to look like it had some purple-brown tone. This paint comes with its own personality and is a type of chameleon paint color. When you choose to add it to your house, it will react to the lightning of your house and the elements that are around it. For this reason, homeowners need to sample the paint colors to get a grasp on how they will look on the walls of the house.

This color is one of balboa mist Benjamin Moore’s go-to neutrals. It is a warm paint color that is between beige and grey. It is the perfect pale form of the greige. The best about it is that it enhances the light on large, open surfaces by providing a light and airy effect. There is an understated hint of beige, making it an ideal choice for the unifying wall color throughout the house.

Overall, when you have the perfect setting, opting for this color will provide you with an elegant and soft gray paint color. It is not possible to make a wrong choice when choosing this paint color for your house.

Is Benjamin Moore Gray Mist Warm Color?

balboa mist benjamin moore


This color is a warm-tone gray color paint. Although it is not the warmest color, it is still a warm color. Generally, cool-toned colors will come with undertones that are purple, blue, and green. Whereas, warm-colors come with undertones such as orange, yellow, and red. 

The best way to know whether a color is warm or cool-toned, you can compare it with other paint colors. For instance, if you put the balboa mist side by side with the Stonington gray, you will come to know the difference of warmth between the colors.

What Type Of Paint Color is Balboa Mist?

balboa mist benjamin moore


The balboa mist paint is amongst the warm gray paint color, which borders on greige. When you want to add this color to the north-facing wall, you should know that it will induce a bit of a grayer look. However, when you have south-facing or warm afternoon western lightning on your house, this color will lean more towards its greige warmth hiding. When you choose this color, you can expect to get a crisp, clean, and modern due to the pale greige stylish partner to crisp white trim and rustic wood tones.

Benjamin Moore Gray Mist Undertones

balboa mist benjamin moore undertones


Although gray mist Benjamin Moore paint is amongst the family of the gray color, it is much warmer than the classic gray color. Balboa Mist is a neutral greige. In other words, when you put it on your house, you will get a gray color with slightly warm undertones. 

Depending on the lights in the house, it will favor the warm tones more or less. As mentioned earlier, you will get a gray base on the north-facing walls. You will get the beige type of look in the walls that are in the south-facing room. Balboa mist undertones are something to not be taken lightly. 

Due to the high level of reflectance, this color is best for the off-white collection. However, the warm undertones will provide you with a color that will sit best in open-plan homes. It is also best for the different styles such as farmhouse, coastal, or modern looks. It is the major benefit of Balboa mist undertones as it will look great on all wall sides.

What Is The LRV Of Balboa Mist Color?

balboa mist benjamin moore


Commonly, most people do not know about the term LRV. The full form of the term LRV is light reflectance value. It is usually a numerical representation of how dark or color paint color will look visually.

Let us look at the cliff notes balboa mist benjamin Moore- scale version: The number 0 is pure black, whereas the number 100 is pure white. When you look at the paint colors, they do fall in one of those number ranges. If the LRV is a lower number, you will get a darker color, and higher numbers of the LRV will make the color look lighter.

For instance, most white color paints usually fall in the LRV range between 80 and 95. So when we look at BM balboa mist, it comes with the LRV range of 67 and is the light gray color, but not light enough to be in the category of off-white. Although it is in the Benjamin Moore Off-white collection, it does not come under the off-white category the main factor to consider when choosing the color for the house. For this reason, it is better that you know how this color will look in different situations of lightning.

West Facing Rooms

Light is a lot cooler in the morning and warm or brighter in the evening. Early evening is the time when west-facing rooms provide the best light. Colors with warmer tones may seem overwhelming due to the red-orange look which the light provides. However, suppose you usually have to enter the west-facing rooms at a certain time during the morning. In that case, the color will not look that intense due to the cooler light.

East-Facing Rooms

Light is brighter and warmer during the morning time and cooler in the evening. In the east-facing room’s bright morning light is more yellowish-toned. It would be best to choose a warm palette to help you balance the lack of neutral light during the evening.

North-Facing Rooms

Rooms that are facing north tend to have the light that comes off the cooler and blueish intones. Light paints will usually look muted, whereas bolder dark colors will embrace and pop the cooler light.

South-Facing Rooms

In the rooms facing south, there are chances of color being consistent throughout the day. In other words, there won’t be any significant changes in the paint as the sun rises and sets. Warm and cool tones work best with south-facing lights. It intensifies colors, so when you choose a darker color, it will look somewhat bright, whereas softer colors will look gleaming.

balboa mist benjamin moore


What Is The Best Trim Color For Balboa Mist?

Many people tend to love the crisp paint color on the trim as it makes the color pop. In the case of balboa mist, crisp white paint will look best with the following colors:

  • BM Chantilly Lace
  • BM White Heron, 
  • SW extra White

If you want a paint color that has some warmth, you can go for the BM white dove. For a more monotoned look, you take the help of Balboa mist on the semi-gloss sheen. It will help you make everything seamless and still have a slight variation between the trim and the walls.


There you have it, people. These are all essential information of the gray mist Benjamin Moore painted. We hope that it will help you decide whether you want to choose this color for your house interior or exterior. This color is better for the interiors as it will reflect a lot when you put it on the outside walls. Make sure to make wise decisions before being hasty.

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