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Tricks on How to Turn Your Backyard into a Golf Course

The backyard is important for various reasons. Spending some quality time with family or friends on the weekends or when you are not busy is closely related to the backyard. Many families turn the backyard into a small playing ground. If you are a fan of golf and a frequent or occasional visitor of the nearest golf course, why not turn the backyard into a smaller version of a golf course? The job is not difficult or expensive but needs your time, creativity, and attention. 

Building a personal golf course in the backyard is a good idea for all golf fanatics. It is not that difficult with a decent-sized area; however, you do require some time to set up the course. 

Let’s see how smart tricks can turn your backyard to a playground –

  • Create the land space – If creating a golf course is in your mind, it could be assumed that you have at least some experience in playing the game on the original ground. Choose the part of the backyard that has a flat surface. You could choose some natural obstacles existing there, but creating those obstacles on your own can customize the ground. 
  • Focus on landscaping – This is important to create a sense of a golf course. Select the spot for your teeing. Select where the green will look the best and what part can you keep barren. Trim the grass accordingly. The green should have the shortest cut that would look soft and smooth. 
  • Create some obstacles – Do this according to your wish. If the yard is not broad enough, don’t try to create too many obstacles. Otherwise, the game will be boring after some time. 
  • Maintenance – This part is also important. If you think you don’t have sufficient time to maintain or employ anyone to look after it at least once a month, don’t think of developing a golf course

There are some alternatives as well. Here have a look: 

Artificial Greens 

Backyard into a Golf Course


Low maintenance artificial turf is a good idea for small golf courses built in the backyard. A real-sized golf course may be a dream, but these types of artificial courses are good for practicing. Synthetic grass and strategically placed boxes can help you design the golf course. Whether it’s a chipping course or full-par threes, golf courses made of artificial synthetic grass is a wonder for your backyard. It’s the best idea if your budget permits and if you are an ardent follower of the game. 

Alternative Way – Make a Golf Course with the Recyclable Resource at Home 

If the above option isn’t possible for you, (as it relates to significant budget planning) go for simple holes made from various things in the kitchen. A jar or cup with the right hole size can be the perfect choice for backyard golfing practices. It’s not necessary to be accurate (4.25 inches diameter) and thus, more or less measurement is good to go. Smartly choose a flagstick that is tall and skinny enough so that the ball fits in the hole. Make sure that the flagstick imitation is light enough so that stands in one place. The handle of a mop can be a good example.

Remember, this is the last resort when you don’t want to spend anything for this purpose yet want a taste of golf in the backyard. 

The Best Trick You Can Try

Backyard into a Golf Course


If you are looking for something better that gives the actual feeling of golf yet saving your budget, a putterball game can be the best choice. You don’t need to imitate things or plan for a huge budget to set up a golf course in the backyard. Simply buy the set from an online store and enjoy golfing in your backyard.

The best part is, the portable green is foldable and comes with other necessary accessories. Get engaged with the game for hours and will not feel bored at all. The combination of golf along with beer pongs is the perfect choice for a backyard golf course. Play anytime with kids, other family members, or friends. After finishing the game, fold the system and keep it in a safe place. It gives a taste of golf. Putterball is a game for all ages. So, get some fresh air and start your golf tour along with your friends and family. 

Things to Remember

There are lots of tricks that can arise from the human brain when it comes to backyard golfing. However, to save time and money a mini-golf length turf means a lot. As everything is already ready and needs to be placed on the ground, it not only saves you time but also a huge amount of budgeting required for landscaping.



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