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9+ Budget-Friendly Apartment Decor Ideas

Renting an apartment has many benefits like no mortgage, no maintenance, but there are also downsides like you have limited options for decorating, and storage space is less. So we are providing these awesome ideas that are temporary, and they do not panic your landlord. Whether you are living in a small space or a big apartment, it should express your personality. If you want to create a traditional, ultra-modern, or contemporary style in your residence, your decor will help you to find that perfect style that you are going for. To make your apartment to get these vibes you don’t need to buy expensive decor; here we are proving budget-friendly apartment decor ideas. These decor ideas will make your apartment feel like home. 

Here are eleven fantastic apartment decorating ideas:

Fun Colors

If your landlord allows you, then paint your walls with bold colors. Use different geometric shapes and patterns on your accent wall. If you don’t want to go crazy with colors, then you can also go for a neutral tone. Colors instantly make any space cheerful and happy.

Apartment Decor Ideas: beautiful wall colors


Redefine Space

Divide the areas according to their work. If you have a hobby or interest, then make a specific place for it. This area creatively reflects your personality. If you are living in a studio apartment or one-room studio then add different shapes and size rugs, it will help you to divide your space.

Apartment Decor Ideas: Redefining Space according to work


Dual-Purpose Furniture

Rearranging the furniture differently gives your space a whole new look. Place your sofa at the foot of the bed to get some extra space in your bedroom. Buy that furniture that has a dual purpose, this way you can save space and your apartment will look clean and organized.

Apartment Decor Ideas: Dual-Purpose Furniture


Unused Space

When you are living in a place for a long time, then it is hard to figure out new floor plans. Try to utilize every corner of your apartment. Use corner shelving in the kitchen. Use the space horizontally as well as vertically. 

Apartment Decor Ideas: Utilizing Unused Space


Layer On Layer

Layering is one of the best ways to make your apartment feel warm and cozy. If you don’t like the flooring of your new residence, then cover it with carpets. Layer different size rugs/carpets on each other. Add cushions with different designs. You can also layer your bedding with multiple blankets.

Apartment Decor Ideas: rugs and carpets


Brighten Up Space

Lights make any space brighter and more prominent. There are tons of different stylish statement lighting options that you can find in the market. They are cheap and easy to fit into your apartment. They can set your mood and relaxed atmosphere. You can replace your old lighting with these lighting options:

  • Incandescent lamps
  • Floor lamps
  • Neon lamps
  • Ceiling lights
  • Chandeliers and pendant 
  • Wall sconces
  • Desk lamp

Magical Mirrors

A mirror also works as great decor. Add a floor-to-ceiling length mirror to give your space a luxury look. Mirrors are available with unique frame designs from metal, iron to rustic wooden frames.

Apartment Decor Ideas: mirrors in living room


Wall Love

A gallery art wall is perfect if you have a big blank wall. Print out your favorite photos of you and your family members and put them in frames. Try black and white pictures; they look timeless and very unique. You can make a family tree out of these pictures and place them on the wall. The gallery wall gives a very personalized look to your apartment.

Apartment Decor Ideas: gallery art wall


Art Work

You can include some amazing art pieces in your apartment. Write some inspirational quotes on the wall or print them on paper and paste them in different places. A decent size painting in the living room completes the look.

Apartment Decor Ideas: Wall art pieces


Window Treatment

If you get bored with the same look of your apartment, then add curtains to your windows and doors. Curtains immediately transform any space. Try a light shade sheer curtains to open up space. You can color coordinate all the curtains in the home. 

Apartment Decor Ideas: window curtains


DIY Projects

You can DIY your decor pieces and make space more beautiful and personalized. These decor items are cheap and easy to make. Here are some DIY projects that can help you to enhance your space. 

  • Wallpaper As Headboard

A floral print or a unique pattern design wallpaper can also work as a headboard to your bed. Try marble print wallpaper, and it is very trendy nowadays.

Apartment Decor Ideas: marble wallpaper headboard


  •  Paint 

If you are bored to see your ordinary-looking wooden chairs in your dining room. Then grab some paint and paint all the chairs in different colors. You can also paint your study lamp, night lamps, and plant pots.

Apartment Decor Ideas: DIY wall paint


  • Polaroid Pictures

If you have a polaroid camera, then print dozen of your photos with friends and family and paste them on the wall in a unique way like in a heart shape or a circular shape.

Apartment Decor Ideas: Polaroid Pictures


  • Fairy Lights

Fairy lights are so magical that they transform your room like anything. You can add these fairy lights to the ceiling in a different manner. Arrange them in a waterfall or conical shape pattern.

Apartment Decor Ideas: Fairy Lights


  • Add Wall Stickers

Wall stickers are another way to turn a boring wall into a cute looking. There are hundreds of varieties of designs that are available online. If you are a renter and the homeowner didn’t allow you to paint your walls, then wall stickers are best for you. Wall stickers are easy to apply and remove. 

Apartment Decor Ideas: Wall Stickers


Whenever you are decorating your apartment, always make sure that the decor items will well go with the rest of the things. Otherwise, they look terrible. Do regular cleaning and organize your stuff. Decoration doesn’t mean only adding some more decor items to your apartment. There are plenty of apartment design ideas out there. You have to cleverly use every corner of your home to maximize the space.

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