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Ultimate To Guide To AC Maintenance: Everything You need to know About AC unit Cleaning

It is essential to maintain your AC unit to avoid malfunctions or sudden breakdowns. The incident can put into a lot of discomfort along with a costly repair. Regular maintenance can help prevent this situation, and you can enjoy the cool air without any interruption. This article discusses the importance and thing you need to know about AC maintenance and cleaning.

Cleaning Evaporator Coils

AC Maintenance


The evaporator coil of your air conditioning unit absorbs the warm air from the surrounding. Here, the pressure of the refrigerants gets lowered along with the heat, making the air cooler. It is essential to clear and take care of the evaporator coil as dust and debris can get trapped inside. This can lower its performance and affect the overall process of your AC unit.

The frozen evaporator coil is another situation that most people experience. If you notice ice stacked up covering your evaporator coils switch off your AC unit and let the ice melt. If the problem persists, contact your AC maintenance service provider for a solution. It is crucial to fix the issue as it can cause damages to your compressor, making it a costly repair.

Fixing Coil Fins

When talking about maintenance and cleaning, it is not only about the AC unit inside your home; the HVAC systems come in two parts; one inside and the other outside. Taking care of the outside unit is as crucial as the inside one.

You need to clean the fins of both outsides and inside units to keep them free from dust and other particles. If you check the outer box, you may notice bent or crushed fins due to temperature conditions and other external factors. Realign them by using a knife or a similar tool to make the airflow more smooth and effective.

Take Care of Your Outside Compressor

AC Maintenance


The compressor or the condenser is located outside the house or residence. Hence it is more like to get trapped with dust and particles.

Apart from these, you may even find tree leaves, tall grass, etc. Clean the area surrounded by the unit and clear the space allowing the unit to function better.

The job of your outside unit is to release the warm air or heat outside. Hence, a comprehensive cleaning will ensure proper airflow without any disturbances.

Clean Your Air Filters

All the air circulates through the air filters, and hence it is crucial to keep them clean. Clogged or dirty air filters can cause damages to the system and to work harder, making your monthly electricity bill high. You can remove the filter and clean them or if you have a clogged with too much dirt, replace the air filter with a new one.

The quality of your indoor air will depend on the cleanliness of your air filters. Airflow from a speck of dust and mold-filled air filter can start to emit them to your premises and cause adverse health effects.

Check Your AC Drain Line

If your AC unit is not cooling the air properly or getting a pungent odor from it, you might have a clogged drain line. The dust pecks and dirt trapped by air moisture can get condensate in your drain line resulting in a clog.

To get rid of the problem, you need to turn off your AC unit and clean the drain pan. A suction pump or a vacuum is required to remove the clog. However, it is best recommended to do this by a professional to prevent damages and leaks to the HVAC system.

Do Not Miss AC Repairs

AC Maintenance


Getting the service from an AC professional is essential to maintain your HVAC system and use it for extended periods. It will also help to avoid costly repairs and damages. A professional can provide a comprehensive cleaning to your AC unit.

The complete inspection will identify the malfunction or problems and repair them without causing any damages. Doing it by yourself can cause damages making it an extra cost to repair the system.

Benefits Of AC Maintenance

AC Maintenance


Regular cleaning and maintenance of your AC unit can give you numerous benefits. Some of them are;

Lower Repair Costs: Leaving your AC unit without maintenance will only end up in a sudden break which will cost you significant repairs. Regular checkups can avoid this and ensure the functioning of your AC without disruption.

Energy Efficiency: Regular servicing allows your AC to work better and efficiently. The short cycles will work properly, and the unit will not have to overwork to provide cool air. The efficiency will positively affect your monthly electricity bill with low energy consumption.

Long Life: Proper maintenance can give extended operational life to your HVAC system. The right amount of care will provide less stress to every component and increase the functioning life of each of them.

If you are looking for an AC maintenance company in Dubai, contact Adams Care for all the checkups and professional services.



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